Diorama -- Apacheland Movie Ranch
This is the first diorama backdrop I created and printed. It was at the request of the Superstition Mountain Museum in Apache Junction Arizona and the diorama creater Tom Warnke. The idea was to replicate the setting of the Apache Land movie set that had burned down in 2004. The movie set was in an ideal setting in Gold Canyon with the Superstiton Mountains looming in the background.
I shot the surrounding Superstition Mountians from the exact spot where Apacheland was located. The backdrop is 40" high and 9 feet long. The trick with using photography as a backdrop is that the scale must match the diorama scale. In this case the height of the saquaro cactuses in the photograph had to match those in the diorama.
View from the chapel
Main Street View
Gunfight on Main Street   DETAIL CLOSEUP

Noted diorama artist Tom Warnke
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