Quirky Places Gallery #2 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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Disclaimer: Reviews listed are edited to remove abusive and threatening language.


Ecstasy Peaks  (Reviews)

"Too many damn women here. Too few men!" Jo, Scottsdale, AZ

"I feel 40 years younger"  Maybelle,  Mesa, AZ

Home Depot Store #1   (Reviews)
"My favorite place to steal shovels".
Joe's Medical Degree Store   (Reviews).

."Didn't teach me much about how to stop bleeding"  Frank B.  Wheaton

"My family is impressed with my surgery degree and is asking me to do an operation on Uncle Sam"  Jerry, Chicago

"Chicks really dig me talking about my plastic surgery degree. Great bar line!" Hank O.  Ind.


Roadies  (Reviews).

"The opossum we ran over last week was prepared perfectly!"  Frank, Naperville, IL

"Very tasty. The kids loved those cute squirels on a stick"  Mary, Wheaton

"Disappointed with the goose sandwich. Way too salty."  Fred,   KY

Gender Reassignment    (Reviews)
"Cashed a coupon for the operation but they got the genders mixed up. Not sure if I want them to re-attach things."  Charles F.  Duluth
Frumpy Chic (Reviews)
"I get so many people pointing at me now. I'm thrilled!"  Bev O.  Wisc.
Free Lunch  (Reviews)

"Love the free walk-around cash but they should give me more each visit."  Lonnie T.  Chicago

"I wish that they just credit my account. I hate coming into this neighborhood to pick up cash."   Judy   Chicago

"I finally -- after waiting two weeks -- got my free new Lexus! I'm sending my wife here next week for the Jaguar."   Bert B.  Gary, IN


Fine Reptillian Dining (Reviews)
"Truly unique for the suburbs. Loved their reptillian salad specialty! Sadly, they were out of newts and salamanders."  Barb & Art  Wheaton, IL
Felon Outlet  (Reviews)
"Really disappointed they were out of both RPGs and IEDs"  John  Milwaukee
Conflict Resolution Store (Reviews)

"Lousy caning rod broke the first time I bopped the little monster!"   Jane P.  Joliet IL

"The boys loved the dueling swords but probably shouldn't have brought them to school."   Vera Y.    Chicago

St. Smiley  (Reviews)
"Got a big panda for just a coupla mortal sins! Can't wait to go back for the stufffed elephant."    Bill C.  Washington
Dream Salon  (Reviews)
"Botox was difficult to inject into my lips myself.The instructions should have cautioned against sticking it into your tongue"    Jane    Madison WI.
The Ice Age Store  (Reviews).
"So glad we finally have a place to store up for the coming disaster".   Fred D.  Iowa
Musk Motors  (Reviews)
"Elon was always a dreamer. I wish him well in California." Carol  Chicago1
Manly Adventures  (Reviews)
"Can't wait to go to North Korea. The Chicago walking tour is far too dangerous."    Jerry J.    Elmhurst IL.
Smoker Supplies (Reviews)
"Best prices on oxygen!! And I can get my cartons right next door".  Joe V.  Glendale Hts., IL
Text While Driving School  (Reviews).
"Now I can drive the speed limit and still text while playing Angry Birds. Bob's insurance seemed a bit high though".  George G.  Mesa, AZ
U.S. Government Foods  (Reviews). 

"So glad people make my food shopping so much easier and healthy!  Beverly   Oak Park, IL

"Thank God a real food store is only a few blocks away until they shut it down. I'm starving!"  Matt H. Naperville, IL 

U.S. Grant Store (Reviews)
"Wouldn't even cover a new iphone!"  B.T.  Miami, FL