Quirky Places Gallery #1

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While walking around cities and towns seeking interesting things to photograph I was amazed at how many empty stores there were. Whether those businesses were simply mismanaged or a victim of the current economic downturn, it seemed like such a waste of resources. So I decided to open my own retail businesses in those abandoned places.

Some of these businesses you may want to visit. Some you may fear to enter. That they only exist in my quirky digital world shouldn't stop you from at least inspecting the goods on this website. It took awhile to stock the shelves and put up the signs. But it was great fun.  And the rent was right.

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lou fence store
Lou's Fence Store  (Mouse/Touch Here for Customer Reviews)

5stars"Lou has all the street-fresh stuff!" -- Joe B. , Chicago

5stars"I gets top dollar for my nights work" -- Freddie, Chicago

3 stars"...Lou should open at 2 am for drop off...need early cash" -- Sparkles

risk takers
The Risk Takers (Mouse/Touch Here for Customer Reviews)

5stars"The Kids love the lawn darts. And so cheap!" Mary,, Chicago

5stars"I saved tons of money with your lead paint sale!" Larry, Ind.

3 stars"...Disappointed they were out of dynamite caps" -- Mark, Wisc.

Chicago Vote Exchange (Touch/Mouse here for customer comments)

5stars"They're all crooked  anyway"  J.B., Chicago

5stars"You can go sign up lots of times"  Frank, Fla.

3 stars"...only got a few bucks this election!"   Anne, Ind.

Gun Store
The Loop Guns (Touch or Mouse here for customer reviews)

5stars"They were out of AR16s!!!! Had to go to Gary Indiana!"  F.P, Chicago

5stars"Bought all my guns here. Great prices!" Rahm E, Chicago

3 stars"I needed more ammo than they had for next Saturday night. Had to go to a bro"  J.C. Chicago

The Ego Store (Touch/Mouse here for Customer Comments)

5stars"Got my home penile implant kit here! Wish me luck! --  J.S. Wisc.

5stars"Tried the Asian trophy wife deal. Very nice! Rhino horrn worked! -- Jerry, Chicago

3 stars".Plastic surgery was just so-so. Didn't hurt much. Hot nurses!" -- Harry, Lombard

Perpetual Greeness (Touch or Mouse here for Customer Comments)

1 star"Brought all my horse shit here and noboty took it!!! --  B.L.  -- Skokie.

5stars"Bought the Ice Age insurance and the cow plugs. Now I'm ready for anything! -- Jim B, Chicago

3 stars"...Good people but sun block overpriced!" -- Bob R. -- Evanston

Chicago School of Self Defense(Mouse or Touch here for customer comments)

1star"Took the Brooming Course and got my ass shot up!!  Marie B. Chicago

5stars" I got A's in Wimpering and Screaming. Can't wait to meet a mugger" Jef, Chicago

3 stars"Shouldn't have sharpened my broom handle Got arrested for carrying a deadly weapon"  Sally O. Chicago

Obama Librar    Click Here to get customer comments.

"What gives? Can't get no cash here to help me out" Joey, Chicago
Chicago Academy of Marksmanship  .[customer comments].

."Xpressway lessions great. Nobody messes with me no more on the Dan Ryan"  Freddie, Chicago
"Xpress way lessions great. Nobody messees with me no more on the Dan Ryan"  Freddie, Chicago
Adopt A Critter  Click here for customer comments

"Loved the $20 snake grab bag sale.Just got another darn water moccasin"  George, Aurora IL
Chicago College Of Politics   [customer comments].

."I explected more classes on money laundering"   Mike B. Chicago
Illinois Tailors [customor comments]
"Good designs to choose from but tailoring was just so-so"   Rod. B. Illinois

Worm Burger Restaurant

Zombie Home Decor

Urgent Care

Tacky Gifts

Chicago Tourism

Chicago Museum Of Ethics

Chicago Machine Cash Station

Sisters of The Militia Convent

Cubs World Series

CPS Budgeting
Chicago Public Schools Budgeting Center

The ID Theft Store

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