Three Generations And You're Out
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Amos and Ada
Amos And Ada Tried the Hotel Business
Every Year Ernest Celebrated His Hole in One
Albert Finally Joined the Navy
Earl Loved Movies
Lottie's First Renovation
Uncle Horace Ruled the Family
Uncle Alvin Spoiled the Kids

  Aunt Phoebe
Aunt Phoebe - Always the Saver
Newest: Burtrand Loved His Games


Uncle Throckmorton Took Taxidermy To A New Level


Aunt Matilda Carried Grudges


Norman Celebrated Dark Things


Bradley Lived In His Future


Rev. Dwight Set Collection Records


Melvin and Bernice --
Always Confused


Pearl and Elmer
Loved Their Wine


Herbert -- Still Eligible

Uncle Silas Hated to Leave Home

Cousin Sadie Tried to Enlist
Best Of Show Award

Aunt Betty Worked the Strip

Cousin Adele Collected Sheriffs

Aunt Sue -- Last Minute Shopper

Little Bobby Asked About Darwin

Cousin Claire Never Married

Cousin Walter Loved To Fish

Uncle Joe Took Up With the Wrong Woman

One Day Uncle Henry Put to Sea

Wilber Believed in Hot Stock Tips

Martha Was Very Shy

Millie Loved Her Cats

Bob and The Family's Last Vacation -- New Mexico, 1945

Titus and Matilda -- Early Starters

Zack -- Ladies Man

Uncles Tom and Mike -- Entrepreneurs Before Lawyers

Aunt Bertha * Uncle Benjamin -- On the Road

Us Kids Were Afraid of Aunt Helen

Lulu -- Always on Stage
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First Showing: A solo exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center
Renaissance Gallery
June 30 - August 7, 2006

Eyes of the Past

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