No Biofuels are used on this site.
No Greenhouse Gasses are produced by this site.
No Planetary Ice is melted by this site.
No Animals are harmed by this site.
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My Pledge:  
"Your computer is safe while here. There are no potentially destructive pixels resulting from the creation, manipulation, digital darkroom production, or presentation of any of my images."

PUBLIC NOTICE OF POLICY: All pixels discarded in any of my processes (including cropping and erasing) are scrupulously reclaimed and reused. Damaged pixels are forwarded to a proper professional disposal site: Professional Pixel Destruction of America in Illinois:

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All other digital darkroom procedures are handled according to the Federal Pixel Management & Disposal Act of 2006 (FPMDA). Please note that this act mandates:

1) the re-harvesting of all color pixels (not just the white ones) that are discarded in the process of of editing files to adapt to the web-safe-color spectrum;

2) the re-claiming (and recycling) of all stray pixels resulting from the use of sharpening and other filters (including those of third-party software);

3) the sanitizing of all erased pixels (seen as "haloing") with various Photoshop tools such as the mask brush and eraser;

4) and the complete destruction of deleted Photoshop layers (only when dropped by the history palette).

Consequently, there is no possibility of stray color pixels or incompletely destroyed pixels contaminating the computer of any visitor to this web site.

Take this quick test of your computer. Click on the Bad Pixel Test button. If the button disappears, you may have pixel contamination of your computer. Not to worry...a special program that is activated when you click on this button will also erase all the bad pixels from your hard drive. Her are examples of 3 damaged pixels. Trust me. You don't want these loose in your computer.
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